CNW: Final Day Sale !

We are down to the Final Day of the CoinWealth Token (CNW) Sale. Much anticipated, the day that will also determine who wins the Mercedes A-Class Limousine.

Yes , the contest ends today too - All you have to do is buy CNW for between USDT 100 & 1000 and you will be an automatic entry too !

For anyone who loves the details, the best and single source of info is here:

Steps of Phase Sale: Dates: 1st - 8th March 2022
- Buy CNW for between USDT 100 & USDT 1000
- Contest: Participate in the contest to win a Merc A-Class Limousine
- No limit on number of purchases
- Highest Unique Purchase Value wins!

More questions? Join Telegram Community at : or Follow Us on Twitter:

Here is a quick summary of the last few weeks:

  1. Closed an oversubscribed Phase 1 Token Sale
  2. Pre-seed Angel round in company nears closure
  3. Announced additional line up for listing: Dex-Trade; Dfyn; GokuMarket; P2PB2B
  4. Collaboration announced with Dfyn for Polygon Launch Farm & Staking
  5. FIP Announcement with Bitbns and benefits for locked tokens.

- On track to going live with our Portfolios Platform by 10th March 2022 - Sign up here !

Welcome to the world of managed crypto !

CoinWealth Team




Crypto Assets Platform CoinWealth.Capital | | Making Crypto Assets a part of every portfolio

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Crypto Assets Platform CoinWealth.Capital | | Making Crypto Assets a part of every portfolio

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