CoinWealth announces Phase 2 Sale with a Dream Prize…

5 min readFeb 10, 2022

CoinWealth Token Sale: We are back !

Highlights: Buy CNW for between USDT 100 & USDT 1000 | Participate in the contest to win a Merc | No limit on number of purchases | Highest Unique Purchase Value wins!

Make the smartest, unique purchase of CNW Tokens and win a Mercedes A-Class Limousine along with a bunch of “guaranteed” rewards !

Dear Users,

We are delighted to release dates and announce prizes for the Phase 2 of one of the most exciting Token Sale events ever for investors participating in CoinWealth IEO via the Bitbns Launchpad or directly through the Token Sale page of CoinWealth.

Here’s one more reason to consider investing in CNW: Over 25 Angel Investors have confirmed their support to the CoinWealth Team. Watch out for more updates on our medium channel here:

Phase 2 Dates: 13th Feb - 20th Feb 2022 (UTC)

And yes, we heard you. So, this time, we have both — a Dream Machine of a Top Prize and a Guaranteed component ! And the big prize is not for the biggest buy but the smartest one :)

Get this one right and you will have swathes of beige leather welcome you along with a blend of piano black aluminium and wood oozing luxury. Feast your eyes on the fantastic dashboard design with those signature turbine aircon vents as you drive home from work everyday!

Check out details of the “Star” — Mercedes A200 here.

How to participate? Buy, Register, Follow, Tweet-your-Buy.

For Bitbns users, just follow these simple steps:
1. Login to your Bitbns Account | Buy USDT or USDC
2. Head over to
3. Buy CoinWealth token (CNW) and register on the CoinWealth.Capital
4. Follow and retweet the pinned Tweet (Optional)
5. Join and share your tweet link there (Optional but recommended for updates)

For those who wish to buy directly through their Crypto Wallets, go ahead and use any of these options.

1. IDO Link to Token Sale :
2. For ICO Token Sale info and links:

And follow steps 3, 4, 5 above.

Reward Structure for Phase 2 & 3 combined (Please read carefully):

Minimum Investment: USDT 100
Maximum Investment: USDT 1,000


  1. Top Prize for the Highest “Unique” purchase made between USDT 100 & USDT 1,000 — *Mercedes A-Class Limousine*
  2. The five closest bids (higher or lower!) closest to the Unique bid will receive a consolation prize of 1,000,000 CNW Tokens. We sincerely hope they will more than make up for the miss once the Token lists. ;)
  3. Guaranteed Prize of a CoinWealth Gift Pack will be sent to all CNW buyers over USDT 100.

Last date of the Phase 2 Sale is 20th Feb 2022. Prices go up again for Phase 3. But you will have the chance to be considered for this contest. Dates for Phase 3 will be announced after the Phase 2 Sale closes.

Contest Assessment Rules — Please read carefully.

The details published on the CoinWealth Medium Page are final:

  1. This process will be audited by an independent third-party. Every duplicate high bid will be automatically eliminated. For example, if two buyers buy for exactly USDT 1,000 then both entries will be eliminated and the prize goes to the next highest bid without a duplicate.
  2. Fractional / Decimal purchases will be automatically rounded off to the nearest whole number: For the purpose of this contest, USDT 999.50 — will become USDT 1,000 and USDT 999.49 will be considered USDT 999. Tokens will be allocated as per the entire decimal value.
  3. This contest will count every purchase (or transfer) made as a separate entry *even from the same account* across Phase 2 & Phase 3. No clubbing whatsoever.
  4. Any number of separate purchases are allowed. There is no limit. But only those purchases between USDT 100 and USDT 1000 will be included in this contest.
  5. While one can make purchases above or below the contest range (USDT 100 — USDT 1,000), such purchases will not be eligible to participate in this contest.
  6. Entries received up to the close of the Phase 3 Sale will be accounted for. To avoid any leakages, except for core system administrators, no one will have access to the purchase data.
  7. If purchase-bids are made in any other crypto asset other than USDT, then the value of the asset converted to USDT (on Bitbns) as at the end of the day of Sale will be considered.
  8. There is no benefit to being first or last; only the unique purchase value matters.
  9. In case of any disputes, the decision made by the reward committee of CoinWealth will be final.

Sample for clarity:

So, in case we receive six total bids of USDT values: 15,000, 1,000, 1,000, 951, 900 & 200 — then the winner is 951. 15,000 is eliminated because it is higher than the maximum allowed. And, 1,000 is eliminated due to two duplicate bids. However, all purchases made will receive the CNW Tokens for the value paid. No changes to that.

Logic is: If there is a duplicate investment of the same amount, it is not “unique” anymore. So, one has to think of the highest possible unique bid. That is the challenge.

General Contest Rules:

  1. Employees of Bitbns and CoinWealth and their immediate or extended families are not eligible to participate in this offer.
  2. Offer period: 13th Feb to 20th Feb 2022 (Phase II Sale of CNW). Phase III dates will be announced separately. Contest extends across both Phases and one Highest Unique Bid will be chosen across the two phases.
  3. CoinWealth will bear the ex-showroom price for the Petrol version of the car. All other charges, upgrades, taxes & duties are the responsibility of the Prize winner.
  4. Winner can choose to receive cash in-lieu of the Top Prize. This is to allow even international investors to participate without issues. Value will be set by the Ex-Showroom price of Mercedes A200 Petrol in India - here.
  5. Any changes/updates to the offer during the offer period are subject to the discretion of the company. Prizes that are out of stock may be replaced by others of equal value.
  6. While we appreciate the Tweets, they are not mandatory to participate in this contest. You are required to register on the CoinWealth website though.

Don’t forget to join our announcement channels to track daily updates, and future news regarding the CoinWealth project.

We thank our existing investors and look forward to welcoming many more of you to the CoinWealth family !

Happy Buying.

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