CoinWealth introduces Gamified Trading

2 min readOct 17, 2022


We have done a soft-release of our new App-only platform !

It is a complete ecosystem: With this latest release, CoinWealth introduces a novel way to trade crypto like playing a game.

Users will now be able to enter a “clash” contest where they pit their trading and charting skills to predict the crypto that will “gain the most” within a pre-specified timeline.

CoinWealth has gamified crypto trading and investing. We are the first to introduce Gamification to this segment.

Play “Clash of Cryptos” using your trading skills to outwit other bidders in the mix.

Play Clashes with your favourite cryptos against other players

Have a favourite crypto that you think is going to do well ? Then, go ahead and bid on it. Win “Clashes” of your favourite crypto against other cryptos / players.

Leverage your crypto analysis and charting skills to win more CNW!

Use your skills in charting to pit your bids against other players.

Leverage fundamental analysis to predict which crypto will gain most in the next few minutes, hours or days. Bid using your CNW balances and win. Instant credit of winnings into your Wallet. All prices are set through Binance livestreams.

Net off losses against gains as all your transactions are settled in CNW — you do not have to worry about trading only in the same crypto for tax purposes (for Indians)!

Bring in / Convert to / Redeem your CNW to play…

Transfer your CNW from your Wallet or Convert your crypto using Dfyn to play and win !

Stake your CoinWealth (CNW)

Coming Soon: Stake your CNW to win rewards in the form of CNW. Get paid to store your crypto with us while you continue to play clashes and make crypto investments on the app !

Play with your friends and family — and earn more !

Invite your friends over to play specific games with you. Fully integrated. What’s more: Each referral earns youmore CNW !

Our backers

We are backed by LetsVenture and a clutch of independent investors who helped take us off.

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To play the clash of cryptos, invest in crypto portfolios, earn a staking return on your CNW, download the CoinWealth App!