CoinWealth is a managed We are building a platform that will enable traditional investors to easily participate & diversify into Crypto assets.

There are very few advisory and investment management entities that are focused on building enduring portfolios that allow retail or corporate investors to participate meaningfully in the market.

In such a market, this platform will bring more structure to the investment process and help investors deal with the challenges and avoid the pitfalls that are unique to the Crypto segment.

We bring the time-tested concepts of selection, allocation and portfolio construction from the world of traditional investments while adapting them to the elements that are crucial to building resilient cryptocurrency portfolios, thus making it possible for traditional investors to own a small pie of cryptocurrency in their wealth portfolio.

CoinWealth will introduce the first set of Managed Crypto Portfolios in the following segments:

  • Game of Platforms: Blockchain Platforms
  • ZappDapp: Decentralized Application Tokens
  • DeFive: Decentralized Finance Top 5 Plays
  • DeX Hexes: Decentralized Exchange Growth
  • 3on33 — Chainovation: New General Innovation: (3% each on 33 projects)
  • NFT, not Nifty: Non-Fungible Tokens & Platforms
  • Gamify my Portfolio: Gaming Crypto Opportunities
  • Speed — Momentum Investing: Active Market Winners

Each of these Portfolios will have a common pool of investments. Investors wishing to participate may purchase units/tokens that will have a declared Net Asset Value that is published at the end of the 24-hour period.

Our platform is bridging the Gap between Traditional finance and Decentralised finance

There is an opportunity to invest in the following

  • Cryptocurrencies & Tokens
  • DeFi | SoFi | GamingFi
  • Non-Fungible Tokens
  • Metaverse Collectives
  • Tokenized Assets

  • Segmented Portfolios (Managed Cryptofolios)
  • Portfolio Management Services for HNIs
  • SIP Options into existing portfolios
  • Fixed Income Programs (DeFi & Lending)
  • High Risk: Leveraged & Algo-Trading
  • Special Situations: ICOs, IDOs, IEOs, Collective Buying

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