Listing Announcement !

Yes, we are now ready.

With IEO Sales complete on DexTrade, GokuMarket, P2PB2B, we are now set for the Listing. We also have a host of reward plans for your CNW Tokens.

Here is the schedule of Listing:

25th March 2022: Bitbns

28th March 2022: Dex-Trade, Goku, P2PB2B

28th March 2022: Dfyn listing & Launch Farm

We are also pleased to announce the Launch of the Staking Plans, FIPs on Bitbns and the Launch Farms on Dfyn:

28th March 2022: Dfyn Launch Farm

28th March 2022: Bitbns FIPs

28th March 2022: P2PB2B, GokuMarket Staking Plans

Thank you, CoinWealth Community.

Stay Tuned for more !

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