Partnership Announcement: CoinWealth <> Dfyn

We are delighted to announce that CoinWealth is partnering with Dfyn, a multi-chain DEX, that will work with CoinWealth to offer various liquidity solutions like listing & staking of CNW, liquidity farming for CNW liquidity pairs, and trading competitions.

With this move, CNW will also deploy tokens on the Polygon chain and make it cheaper for investors to buy on-chain through a DeX and stake their CNW.

CoinWealth will gain from the following elements on the Dfyn Platform:

  1. Increased global access to trade the CNW Token
  2. Plan, introduce and manage Staking programs for CNW
  3. Introduce the Launch Farm for CNW to coincide with the TGE (Token Generation Event) in March 2022
  4. Actively manage, allocate and stake the Escrowed team tokens of the CoinWealth Core Team
  5. Handle the active liquidity of the CNW Token on the Polygon Chain

Dfyn, founded in 2020, is a Multi-Chain AMM DEX that offers instant gas-less transactions, deep liquidity, innovative staking farms, and trading competitions. It has been instrumental in bringing together a community of liquidity providers who are rewarded for providing liquidity on Dfyn. Dfyn has raised funding from various institutional investors.

Having gained from the crypto revolution in the last decade, CoinWealth is comprised of a team of professionals that are building a dependable platform that investors can access to pick meaningful portfolios for themselves. CoinWealth platform will have many program offerings such as portfolio management services for HNIs, Fixed income programs (for Defi and lending), SIP options, high risk algo-trading, etc.

We are excited to announce this before the Phase 2 Launch of the CNW Token.

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